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Our Team

ATS4 - Advanced Timetabling Solutions is created by young and dynamic software developers who work on development of timetabling systems. We specialize in creating modern schedule solutions for schools and universities.

Our mision:

We aim at the support of schools and universities in timetabling using IT- technique applications.

ATS4 project was created at the beginning of the year 2004 on the basis of knowledge and experience of AMEPlus software developers. AMEplus Company located in Gliwice has an international experience and is the leader in programming, developing and implementing control systems.

Our solutions are the result of many researches conducted at Silesian University of Technology at Automatics, Electronics and Informatics Department /see the research section/. We have created ATS4 system on the basis of this knowledge. The system can be implemented for timetabling in huge organizations and is properly profiled for individual user's requirements.

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