Advanced Timetabling Solutions
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ATS4 Modules

ATS4 system includes four modules that ensure optimal schedule creation for universities.

ATS4 Portal

ATS4 Portal enables clear graphic presentation of timetables in three categories: teachers, groups and rooms. A teacher has an influence on scheduling process by delivering his own conditions and preferences to the schedule manager. A teacher has also an additional function of timetable supplementing with his own occupations, consultations, communications and references. The portal is also used as a communication module between students that use the forum prepared for each student group /see demo/

ATS4 Planner

ATS4 Planner is the program run in Ms Windows environment intended for schedule managers. It enables easy data entering, manual scheduling with the drag'n'drop method and switching ATS4 module in automatic mode. Moreover it also enables the co-operation for many users. In ATS4 Planner module a scheduling manager edits the data locally, sends them to the ATS4 Data Base and next they are published on ATS4 Portal.

ATS4 Solver

The program is based on constraint programming techniques and the local searching methods /see research/. The solver finds the global solution of lesson schedules; optimizes the schedules with determined constraints and solves local problems (e.g. lesson scheduling for one group and taking into account the earlier entered lessons).

ATS4 Data Base

The global data base that collects the data on the server for each school enables an access to the data and information exchange between users. The data base guarantees the data safety and the system stability (the lesson schedule destruction is impossible in a case of the schedule manager computer failure). The database data saved in previous years are used for next ATS4 Solver improvements.