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The advantages of ATS4 implementation

An estimation of time and money needed for lecture scheduling in each semester is difficult. There is no doubt that scheduling is a great waste of time.

The ATS4 system ensures advantages not only for schedule managers. Every responsible university tries to save time of teachers and students. An easy access to information and the easiness of information exchange can save time of teachers and students. Also small improvements of scheduling process are very important and increase the work efficiency because of large number of persons using the schedules.

The ATS4 system increases the prestige of a university as well.

Additional possibilities of study comfort increase can deliver the discussion forums generated automatically for each group. The forums improve information exchange between teachers and students.

The ATS4 is created mainly for universities where scheduling rules are determined not as strictly as for other schools and whole groups of managers take part in scheduling process.


  • Time saving
    The lecture scheduling for 300 students requires approximately one month of work every year. The ATS4 application saves at least 50% of time required for scheduling.
  • The cost reduction of university resources management.
  • A university quality increase caused by a good schedule.
  • Teachers and students satisfaction caused by lower number of breaks between lectures.
  • A good schedule for all departments owing to the intelligent ATS4 Solver.
  • An easy access to current timetables owing to immediate publishing in Internet.
  • The lack of collisions in schedules.
  • The check of teachers work burden.
  • The full and current information about university resources management