Advanced Timetabling Solutions
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ATS4 - Advanced Timetabling Solutions

Timetabling is often a difficult and unpleasant duty that must be done by each educational institution. The trouble is that not only the lesson scheduling must be usually performed, but also the data collection, determination of teacher's preferences and many other conditions should be taken into account, especially compatibility, verification and completeness of data.

The lesson scheduling requires co-operation of many persons engaged in plan scheduling. The co-operation is very important in coordination of many subjects that take place in different schools or university departments. The lesson schedules require permanent updating and in consequence the efficient publishing system of the current version. The system should be user-friendly and easily accessible.

ATS4 System:

ATS4 system, based on the newest software technologies using artificial intelligence, has been created for improvement of the scheduling process. The most important system features are as follows:


Main features:

  • Elastic - the system ensures the easiness in lessons and constraints determination
  • Accessible - the system enables entering of constraints and preferences via internet
  • Clear - the system has user-friendly graphic interface for entering and editing of the lesson schedules
  • Intelligent - the system includes effective methods of automatic lesson scheduling and conflict solutions
  • Including profiles - the system enables the work with the same resources for many users

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The ATS4 system that is a modern project of AMEplus firm offers applications and services that are designed as a support for universities and other schools for efficient organization of teachers', students' and schedule manager's work. These applications ensure an efficient support for scheduling owing to their construction.